Want to use CDAP funding to give your business a digital edge?

First, you need the right advisor

More in Store is an approved CDAP Digital Advisor company, and a member of the Digital Maturity Advisors. *

We have the team with the expertise to get your digital transformation started. 

More in Store Team

Then, you need a plan

We have a proven track record of creating plans that get CDAP approval—and that is key to unlocking all levels of funding and grants for you.

Learn more about how we can unlock funding for your digital transformation.


What is CDAP?

The Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) aims to help SMEs adopt new digital technologies.

CDAP grants are available for planning your business's digital transformation. You can also access 0% interest loans to implement the plan. 

Boost Your Business Technology program helps fund your business digital transformation with:

  • up to $15,000 to hire a Digital Advisor to create your digital adoption plan
  • up to $100,000 in a zero-interest loan for new technology to bring your plan to life
  • $7,300 wage subsidy for a student or recent graduate to implement your plan
We had a great experience working with More in Store CDAP advisors.

They helped us uncover areas where new technology could result in substantial cost savings - technologies we had not even considered.

For a modest time investment, we now have a strategy to apply technology to help us achieve our business goals.


And bonus, CDAP reimbursed us quickly for 90% of the plan cost.

I’d highly recommend working with More in Store CDAP Advisors.

Janet Merrithew
Sweet Jane's Gift and Confectionary

Completed your
Boost Your Business Technology application?

Let’s talk about the digital plan that will guide the adoption of your new business technology.

* Digital Maturity Group - network of  trained, and certified digital advisors.