Introducing Yu Chen MIS (Twitter Post)

CDAP Advisors is pleased to welcome Yu Chen as a Digital Advisor. Yu is a highly motivated software engineer with 5+ years’ extensive experience in software development and proven skills in data engineering/machine learning modeling.

He brings solid knowledge in e-commerce, portfolios, and website building to More in Store’s clients and is closely involved in implementing customer relationship management (CRM) systems.

Yu is well versed in big data technologies, data mining algorithms and database systems.

Yu’s Qualifications

  • MSc (Data Science) University of Colorado Boulder
  • Diploma, Computer Engineering Technology, Seneca College
  • BA (Economics), York University

Yu is also a certified Digital Adoption Specialist. Digital Adoption Specialists have demonstrated that they meet all the necessary requirements to perform Digital Adoption Plans for SME customers. 

  • Demonstrate 5 years of experience providing various digital advisory services
  • Completion of the "CDAP Digital Advisor Training Program" provided by Digital Maturity Advisors
  • Demonstrate ability to develop Digital Adoption Plans (Digital Business Strategy)
  • Demonstrate ability to develop Digital Solution Plans (Digital Technology Solutions)
  • Demonstrate ability to execute Digital Technology Selection Processes (Digital Solution Selection)
  • Demonstrate ability to generate all elements of a Digital Adoption Plan (as per the CDAP digital adoption guideline)

Yu is based in the GTA area and serves clients throughout Southern Ontario and beyond.

Melanie Taljaard
Post by Melanie Taljaard
October 4, 2022