Digital Adoption Specialists have demonstrated that they meet all the necessary requirements to perform Digital Adoption Plans for SME customers.

Digital-Adoption-Specialist--Digital-Maturity-Group digital-maturity-group
  • Completion of the "CDAP Digital Advisor Training Program" provided by Digital Maturity Advisors
  • Demonstrate ability to develop Digital Adoption Plans (Digital Business Strategy)
  • Demonstrate ability to develop Digital Solution Plans (Digital Technology Solutions)
  • Demonstrate ability to execute Digital Technology Selection Processes (Digital Solution Selection)
  • Demonstrate ability to generate all elements of a Digital Adoption Plan (as per the CDAP digital adoption guideline)
  • All required supporting documents and processes are approved by the committee of the Digital Maturity Group

The Digital Adoption Certification is issued by Digital Maturity Group

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Melanie Taljaard
Post by Melanie Taljaard
June 17, 2022